SDG mix pick of the week: MJ Cole SUB:STANCE 2nd birthday at Panorama Bar Berlin 9/07/10

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Funky, steppy and soulful rhythms from this UK legend at a celebration for Sub:Stance at Panorama Bar in Berlin. Smoking mix that will definitely get you through the mid-week hustle. Wish I had been there for this one. From MJ’s Soundcloud page: “DJ set from Panorama Bar in Berlin earlier in July. Great night. 5-7am set. Love that button for the blinds ;)”

Ostgut Ton scheduled to release Fünf sonic architecture project in October

September 22, 2010 § 1 Comment

Fünf, a new compilation from Ostgut Ton, sets out to explore the sonic side of physical spaces. The architecture of sound + space are always intertwined with club music.. and this forthcoming compilation of warehouse sounds becomes more than the sum of it’s (very clever) parts. On a much simpler level I’m delighted to hear so many banging tracks from some of my favorite producers. Check the press release below for more info on this interesting project.

Ostgut Ton releases this unique compilation of music crafted from field recordings made inside the two Berlin clubs Berghain and Panorama Bar. The concept and original recordings were made by the Berlin based producer Emika. Over a period of two months Emika created the recordings in the clubs while they were closed to the public and edited them into a library of sounds. The library was then given to all the Ostgut Ton artists, but also to club associates like DJ Pete aka Substance, Dinky, Cassy, Margaret Dygas, Ryan Elliott and Scuba using his SCB alias, to make music with. This release marks the celebration of the label’s five year anniversary.

Emika’s idea started from feeling the whole building resonating from the music being played, which lead to the question: which sounds exist here when there is no party? Intrigued by stories of how the club spaces and sound systems influence the resident DJ sets and productions, Emika was curious to explore what music could be made from the building itself. Berghain’s sound technicians Krischan Makswitat and Silvio König, helped to record the entire light rig including the strobe lights, which in itself sounds techno. Other interesting sources to record were the large cooling rooms used for storing thousands of drinks in bottles. The ventilation systems in these rooms make incredible sub frequencies mixed with the sound of the bottles vibrating against each other. The club also contains large swings made from metal which creak and moan at the slightest of movements.

In total the library comprised over four gigabytes of sounds, and the artists were not given restrictions on how to make music from the library. The tracks on this compilation consist of each artists signature production aesthetics and feature debut solo productions by our residents Fiedel (one half of seminal Berlin based outfit MMM), Boris and Prosumer’s long term production partner Tama Sumo. All together this release highlights the special and inseparable relationships between the label, club space, and collective of artists.

DJ M50 presents Hydrogen Econ mx1 [free download, crank the bass]

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I was STOKED to get this snack-pack of bass from my newfound friend and purveyor of deepness, DJ M50. Hailing from Chicago by way of Canada, this producer has snuck up on the scene with some badass dj sets and a release (under the Area alias) on Francois K’s Wave imprint. M50 has been making a name lately with sounds that cross the boundaries of house, tech, dub and idm. On the DJ Circuit he’s made moves by playing alongside many of the greats: Speedy J, Ellen Allien, Apparat, Swayzak, Miles Maeda, Quarion, Hauke Freer, Superpitcher, Herbert, Suburban Knight, Andrea Parker, & Common Factor.. (phew!) Check this mix he dropped for Sounds Defy Gravity.. make sure to lower the lights, pack the bong and crank the bass..

DJ M50 – Hydrogen Econ mx1 [download here]

The Clash – Straight To Hell
ø – Ikuinen
Stardub featuring Clair Dietrich – Morning Sun
Echospace – [untitled]
Theorem + Stewart Walker – Recoil
Baby Ford – Slow Hand
Mark Broom / Peter Ford / Thomas Melchior – Pukka Your Lips
Carl Craig – Twilight
Jackmate – Male Kicks
Thor – T-2
Melody Boy 2000 – Theme
Manitou – Remembering that Afternoon Downtown

M50 Myspace
M50 Resident Advisor
M50 website

Hot Blog Alert + Falko Brocksieper mix

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Thanks to Jon on the TNL list for this great link and a new blog for me to geek on. The mnmlssg blog has a wealth of information and exclusive mixes by some amazing tech-influenced talent. Most notable is a new mix from Berlin’s Falko Brocksieper, wunderchild of mind-bending tunes on Contexterior, Leena and Sub Static imprints. “It’s a music that teaches you something about groove-based electronic music; that reminds you of important things; that re-focuses and refreshes you by showing you the new and the old, the glittering of the half-forgotten… classic, not plastic.”

Falko Brocksieper presents – mnml ssgs mx 36: some old junk from falko’s shelf
soundcloud mirror

Falko on: Discogs Myspace RA

Tracklist: (holy shit wow..)
Mouse On Mars – Schnick Schnack Meltmade [Too Pure, 1997]
Two Lone Swordsmen – Mr. Paris’s Monsters [Warp, 1998]
Grumptronix – Black Orchid [Silicon Audio, 1996]
Peter Elflein – Roots [HAL9000, 1999]
Mark Ambrose – Greetings From Madam Dominique [Mosaic, 1999]
Vibert/Simmonds – Aple [Rephlex, 1993]
Pin-Ups In Exile – Body Shop [Pomelo, 1995]
Baby Ford – Mobile Home [Black Market International, 1997]
DJ Sneak – Purple Haze [Relief, 1995]
DJ Slip – Sketches Vol. 1 [Missile, 1996]
Robert Hood – Wandering Endlessly [M-Plant, 1996]
Anthony Shakir – Fact Of The Matter [7th City, 1998]
La Cienda Honduras – Om Igen [Gungeligung, 1999]
Funky Transport – Vice [Playhouse, 2003]
JP Buckle – One For Da Laydeez [Rephlex, 1998]
Kenny Larkin – Azimuth [Warp, 1994]
Steve Stoll – Ausgang II [Synewave NY, 1995]
Dettinger – Blond [Kompakt, 1999]
JP Buckle – Heavy Soil [Rephlex, 1998]
Dave Tarrida & Tobias Schmidt – Teenager [Tresor, 1998]
Photek – Glamourama [Science, 2000]
Todd Sines – Can’t Keep Up [Residual, 1996]
Hell+Jonzon – Bastoya [Disko B, 1995]
Ratio – Motorcity Revisited / Daniel Bell Mix [Central, 2001]
Justin Berkovi – Temptation [Nightrax, 2001]
Fred Fresh – 5 Mouths [Sounds, 1995]
Alenia vs. Torul V – Ladua Theme [Tissju, 2000]
Planetary Assault Systems – Function 4 [Peacefrog, 2000]
Plaid – Ol [Warp, 1997]
Chiapet – Tick Tock [Phonography, 1999]
G.T.O. – Majika Dub [React, 1995]
Tobias Schmidt – Mean It [Scandinavia, 1999]
DJ ESP – Sick & Tired [Communique, 1994]
Cristian Vogel – The Eternal Now [Mosquito, 1999]
(on top: Andrea Covington – Glen21 Interview [Tomorrow, 1999])
Le Car – Cinematic Automatic / Heinrich Mueller Remix [Intuit Solar, 1999]

DJ Hell @ Gigolo – The Butterfly Effect (Proton Radio) – 22.04.2009 FREE DJ MIX

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Free mixes from Berlin’s DJ Hell! Intl Gigolo is on fire right now.. enjoy the links below!

DJ Hell @ Gigolo Megamix The Butterfly Effect (Proton Radio) – 22.04.2009

01 Diddy & Felix Da Housecat – ‘jack U Vs. I’ll House You’ (Dj Hell Remix)
02 Fischerspooner – ‘just Let Go’ (M.a.n.d.y. Remix)
03 Miss Kittin & The Hacker – ‘1982’ (Anthony Rother 2005 Remix)
04 Grace Jones & Hell – ‘i’ve Seen That Face Before’ (Dj Hell Berlin Mix)
05 Linda Lamb – ‘twins’
06 Jorel – ‘fade Away’
07 Bodzin & Huntemann – ‘black Ice’
08 G. Rizo – ‘eye Wanna C U’
09 Saturn V – ‘acidbox’
10 Terence Fixmer – ‘inside Out’
11 Mike Perras – ‘beginning Of Life’
12 Trike – ‘keep Away From Children’
13 Masstyk – ‘dis Era’
14 Hell – ‘fun Boy 3′
15 Xlover – ‘suckbox’ (Motor Vs Xlover)
16 Christopher Just – ‘i’m A Disco Dancer’ (John Tejada Remix)
17 Kiko & Gino’s – ‘good Sluts Factory’ [(let It Cia Mix)]
18 Freaks – ‘no Way Back’ (Short Demo Version)
19 Digitaria – ‘teens Years’
20 Martin Matiske – ‘japanese Science’
21 Replica – ‘transmission’
22 Sonido Lasser Drakar – ‘i Feel Great’
23 Herman Schwartz – ‘nothing To Lose’
24 Woody – ‘august’ (Appetizer Version)
25 Kikumoto Allstars – ‘jack The House’
26 Sebastien San – ‘point Of No Return Pt. 1′
27 Outlander – ‘the Vamp’ (Kevin Gorman Remix)
28 Mount Sims – ‘nailed To The Wall’
29 Herman Schwartz – ‘replicants Suffering’
30 Lady B – ‘exhausted’ (Edit)
31 Evol – ‘cars’ (Zk Mix)(Edit)
32 Paul Chambers – ‘bitter Cliche’
33 Felizol – ‘another Night In A Rented Room’
34 Moonbeam Presents Pak & Vak – ‘vision’ (Main Mix)
35 Voltique – ‘supersmile’
36 Jamie Anderson & Jesse Rose – ‘jack Your Body’ (Body Jackin’)
37 Kevin Gorman – ‘dmx’
38 Inge Neuss – ‘dirty Deal’
39 Dibaba – ‘happy Birthday Mr. President’
40 Hunteman – ’37’
41 Sebastien San – ‘wuxia’ (Dub Mix)
42 Igors Vorobjovs – ‘intelegencija’
43 Human Resource – ‘dominator’ (Is Hell The One And Only Dominator? Dj Hell Dub Mix)
44 The Presets – ‘are You The One’
45 Rebecca Von Kalinowsky – ‘dance’
46 Arbotique – ‘chin Eater’
47 The Model – ‘you Are Always On My Mind’
48 The Activator – ‘hate Lazer City’
49 Dj Pierre – i’ve Lost Control (Wildpitchmix)
50 Peter Kruder – ‘visions Ltd
51 Opiates – ‘candy Coated Crime ‘
52 G.rizo – ‘boys Medley’ (Featuring Dj Glow & Donovan)
53 Hell – the Disaster (Cd Eleven Edit)
54 Joel Alter – ‘snake Eyes’
55 The Model – ‘newly Found Voids’

DJ Hell on Tweak FM 14.03.2009

The Model feat Saber – v2002 – Gigolo promo
Ben Klock – Napoleon Hill – Ostgut Ton
Konrad Black – Keep Berlin Underground – promo
Equalized #1 – EQD
Adriano Patané – Demo 5
Damián Schwartz & Guti Salson – Reboot Three Rows – Raum..Musik
Color Sound – Minimal Rome 01
N/A – Variance (Function Edit) – Sandwell District
Lil’ Tony – Reddrum EP – RawFusion
Tiefschwarz – Simple Maybe part 1 – Best Inn – Sounenir
The Mint Frame Of Mind – Frogs With Potatoes (Toni Rios & Andre Walter rmx) – Soap Records
DJ Hell – The DJ feat P.Diddy – Gigolo (Teufelswerk)
Snuff Crew – God – Straighter – Nature
Levont Vincent – Invisible Bitch Slap – Deconstruct
Who Made Who – The Plot (Noze and the Mole rmx) – Gomma
Silent Servant – Violencia (Function rmx) – Sandwell District
– (Carl Craig rmx) – promo

Sleeparchive drops new limited edition 10-inch "Lbb Works" Archive ZZZ09

March 25, 2009 § Leave a comment

sleeparchive lbb zzz09

One of my favorite producers of recent years is Sleeparchive. His sound, vision and philosophy are spot-on: stripped-down warehouse techno with limited release, hand printed labels, old-school ethic. Taking the dub-tech sound of Basic Channel and the bleep of early warehouse techno Sleeparchive has crafted his own unique take on techno with a series of releases that took the secene by storm, getting play from DJs such as Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Damian Lazarus, and Ricardo Villalobos.

This new, limited edition 10″ record dropped today with impressive sounds to say the least. This release is a departure in sound for Sleeparchive, apparently the result of his experimentation with the LBB (Little Boy Blue) synth. LBB1 and LBB2 are both almost straight noise, distorted and stretched in different directions of rhythm. There is no kick, snare, vocal sample, high hats.. this is a very abstract release. I’m liking the experimentation and eager to hear where it brings him in future releases. Listen to LBB1 and LBB2

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