SDG favorite Nihal Ramchandani delivers a deep dark mix for Projektion 018 + soundcloud live set from Blkmarket Membership

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Nihal is one of the coolest people I’ve met this year. We met at Movement via our mutual friend Vicki (thanks, Vic!)  and had some deeply satisfying conversations about sound and philosophy, all the while I’m realizing that none of this was about scene or people or upward mobility. He’s just obsessed with sound (like I am, like so many of us are.) Nihal turned me on to the incredible Raster-Noton label and we shared a love for subliminal drone music like Maurizio and Pan Sonic. SDG posted a mix from Nihal a few months back that has been on repeat since then. So I was excited to find this podcast from Projekt in my inbox today. Words below from Projekton Podcast page.

Our 18th episode comes from up and coming New Yorker Nihal Ramchandani. At only 19, Nihal has already proved he’s worthy of big things; putting in work at Halcyon in Brooklyn and focusing more now on his internship with Scuba’s Hotflush Recordings out of Berlin. With an already profound understanding of the music, Nihal shows off his prowess with this 60 minute deep, dark, mental techno joyride.

Download Projektion 018 – Nihal Ramchandani

thomas köner – ilira
milton bradley – derealization
donato dozzy + dj say – transparent
iori – spiral
modernheads – mooger
matthew dear – fex
g man – the way you move
scuba – tracers (deadbeat remix)
function – disaffected
donato dozzy + brando lupi – metal slave
giorgio gigli | obtane | nax_acid – the moon that was watching the child
dino sabatini – ceto
svreca – utero (regis remix)

Also worth a listen / download is Nihal’s live set from Blkmarket Membership recorded live on August 14th of this year.

burger / voigt – frieden
gas – königsforst 1
plastikman – consumed
moby – mobility (aquamix)
donato dozzy + dino sabatini – nocturnals
rising sun – sun dance
actress – ivy may gilpin
donato dozzy + lerosa – neon snake
dollkraut – milkmanners
dj qu – the zones
mike parker – inversion 6 (donato dozzy remix)
pendle coven – exigen
deepchord presents echospace – burnt stage
cio d’or – organza (milton bradley mix)
terence fixmer – electric city (function remix)
frozen border – fb05a
sian – red cloud (minilogue remix)
marcel dettmann – drawing
conforce – fictional environment (delta funktionen remix)
function – burn
deadbeat + fenin – teach the devil’s son
samuli kemppi – no one can hear your echo in space
chevel – tren
rhythm and sound – music a fe rule
dettmann + klock – scenario
nuel – aquaplano ltd 01 b1
monolake – melting
silent servant – untitled (regis remix)
aphex twin vs baby ford & the ifach collective – rhubarb / bad friday (nihal’s edit)
heiko laux – presence (golden mix by johannes heil)

Our favorite mix of the week: Ken Meier live at Leisure (319 Scholes NYC)

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Ken Meier, audio/visual artist out of NY, dropped a nice mix last friday night at Leisure (319 Scholes) and did us a solid by recording and uploading to Soundcloud. Trainspotter’s tracklist below (some nice choices) and the mix flows nicely from heady deep thumpers to glitchy floorshakers easily. Leisure sounds like a nice event with dj’s Jon Schmidt , Ken Meier, Camille Altay, Selim Cenkel, Igal Nassima, and Mark Triant delivering sounds last week.


JOHN ROBERTS Lines (Dial, 2010)
BROTHERS VIBE Step Into It (Mixx, 2008)
MARTYN Miniluv (Ostgut Ton, 2010)
GOLDFISH UND DER DULZ Persiko (Playhouse, 2001)
MOVE D Got Thing (Philpot, 2007)
FUMIYA TANAKA VVV (Sundance, 2008)
DUB TAYLOR Mutilated (Raum Musik, 2001)
KENNY LARKIN Glob (Ben Klock Remix 1) (Planet E, 2010)
CIO D’OR & DONATO DOZZY Limone (Time to Express, 2009)
THE ORB Asylum (Blood Sugar’s Mix) (Island, 1997)
STEVE BUG Honeymoon (Russ Gabriel Remix) (Raw Elements, 1996)
CAJMERE & DERRICK CARTER Wet Dream (Cajual, 1992)
WAXMASTER MAURICE Freak (Dance Mania, 1995)
DANIEL BELL Superminimal (Logistic, 1995/2003)
M PITTMAN Chicago Nights (Unirhythm, 2007)
ROBERT HOOD Clash (M Plant, 2010)
PERC 1909 (Derek Plaslaiko Remix) (Perc Trax, 2010)
ORPHX Threshold (Substance Remix) (Sonic Groove, 2009)
ANDY STOTT Fine Metallic Dollar (Modern Love, 2008)
SHED That Beats Everything! (Ostgut Ton, 2008)
DJ SKULL Frequency Response (Red Cat, 1994)
MIKE DUNN So Let It Be House (Edit) (Westbrook, 1988)
O/V/R Descending the Left Corner (Blueprint, 2010)
CLARO INTELECTO Thieves (Modern Love, 2006)
OLIVER HACKE Lichtung (Background, 2002)
WLADIMIR M Evil (Re-Mixed) (Eevo Lute, 1993)

Artist to watch: Duffstep – new release on Saigon, free download inside

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Jeremy “Duffstep” Duffy is one of our producers to watch for 2010/11. His first batch of tunes (to be released in the future on his Join The Dots label) got attention from Mary Anne Hobbs due to their futuristic sound, akin to where Joy Orbison and Martyn have been heading. His next available release will be on Saigon Recordings, a nice combination of dubstep influence with house overtones for the dancefloor. To celebrate, Duffstep has shared a nice jam for your downloading pleasure. Also peep the saigon release below via soundcloud. Enjoy!

Download Duffstep “Over”

Justin Bieber pitched down 800% = Dead Can Dance

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I’m always on the lookout for new movements in technology+music.. and today this newsbit had me shocked. With the help of a new, open-source software called Paul’s Extreme Timestretch, you can do some amazing things with sound.

As an example of it’s power, one user named Nick Pittsinger has time-stretched Justin Bieber’s entire original track “U Smile” – and slowed it down 8 times (or 800%) to amazing result. The resulting track is something Peter Gabriel might publish.. or the backtrack for a Dead Can Dance epic. Pretty amazing. Hear the re-worked track below (The SoundCloud link had over 1,000,000 hits this week – pretty impressive.)

Lifehacker has also posted a nifty How-To on making your own ambient epics. Check it out HERE.

Halcyon presents an interview with Scuba + SCB Live at Panorama Bar [download]

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Nice things coming from the NorthEast this week: download of Scuba/SCB live at Panorama Bar and an interview with Scuba on Halcyon’s website. Also – if you are in the NYC area make sure to check out the BLKMARKET show happening on Saturday August 14. Get there by 11:30 to hear Halcyon/Hot Flush’s Nihal Ramchandani who has been making waves with his selections lately, follow up with sets by Dj Three, Scuba Jennifer Cardini, Taimur & Fahad. Info below the break.


Download: Halcyon presents Scuba/SCB live at Panorama Bar
(Duration: 1:02:40 — 143.4MB)


Halcyon interviews Scuba (read the entire article HERE)

halcyon: I’ve been following your production for a long time and was very interested when your first more techno-sounding tracks were released. I’m aware there was a certain trend towards this in the dubstep scene but can you say what specifically in your case led to this development?

Well the dubstep/techno thing has been rumbling on for a few years now, and to be honest it’s become a bit of a cliché. The interesting thing aboutdubstep originally was always that it was very wide ranging in terms of influences and the general direction of the music, but obviously as it’s become a bigger thing a certain amount of that has been lost so anything outside the mainstream is seen as some kind of sub-genre, which is quite regrettable from my perspective. But in terms the SCB project, that’s not dubstep at all, it’s always been intended as pretty straight up house and techno. It started off as a result of a few things, the most important of which was probably going to Panorama Bar as a punter and just soaking up the atmosphere there. I’d been playing more and more slower, 4/4-based sets anyway, and messing around in the studio making tracks to fit in with that kind of DJ set, and to me it’s pretty far removed from the Scuba stuff so it made sense to call it something different.

h: To me your tracks have also had a certain melody to them for a long time but this has also been coming to the fore more recently. You mentioned dBridge as influencing you towards this but it seems evident with other producers also, and in other genres of dance music. Please comment on this.

I’m not scared of using melody, of course. I think the key thing with anything is knowing when to use certain elements of whatever you’re doing, judging when something works and something doesn’t. In terms of the music coming out of London, house music has made a huge comeback as an influence and also as a genre generally so that’s had an impact on the way producers think about melody I think. The Autonomic guys are taking in a wider perspective though, which is what I find so refreshing about them.

h: Do you think contemporary trends towards more melodies in dance music may have anything to do with the comparative lack of melody in many older dubstep and minimal techno productions? Are the producers and the audience maybe missing that aspect of the music?

With London-based stuff it’s the influence of house. And actually house has completely eclipsed minimal in Berlin as well, but it’s a different kind of thing to what has been happening in London, which is still very focused on what people call urban music. Berlin is quite the opposite of that. Music goes in cycles like anything else, but it’s easy to over-analyse that kind of trend. It’s as much to do with money as anything else, certainly in London.



SCUBA vs. SCB [Hotflush/Substance] EXTENDED SET
JENNIFER CARDINI [Crosstown Rebels/Kompakt]
TAIMUR & FAHAD [Blkmarket Membership]
NIHAL RAMCHANDANI [Halcyon/Syllabus]


Deep Chords & Echoes in Space [mix] by NorthernShore

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Nice mix of deep dark dub for your spaced out journeys to the void. Classy stuff here..  a lot of Soultek, CV313, Deepchord and Intrusion – some of my faves of the new wave of Maurizio and Basic Channel-inspired dub techno.  I don’t know much about this guy but you can check his myspace and soundcloud profiles for more info.

Deep Chords & Echoes in Space by NorthernShore

01 Intrusion – Never Forget
02 DeepChord pres. Echospace – Celestialis
03 cv313 – Subtraktive (Intrusion’s Twilight Dub)
04 DeepChord – Vantage Isle (Echospace Spacial Dub)
05 Intrusion – Tswana Dub
06 cv313 – A World Apart
07 Echospace – Sonorous (Version Dub)
08 Intrusion – A Night to Remember
09 Kaito – And That Was The Way (Echospace’s Shinjuku Sedative)
10 DeepChord pres. Echospace – Sunset
11 DeepChord – Vantage Isle (DC Mix III)
12 cv313 – Dimensional
13 Sons of The Dragon – Orbiting Planet Arp
14 Echospace – OBMX (Original Remastered)
15 STL – Checkmate (cv313 Remodel)
16 Intrusion – Intrusion (Phase90 Reshape)
17 Model 500 – Starlight (DeepChord Mix)
18 cv313 – SailingStars
19 Soultek – Glacial Blue
20 Brock van Wey – A Gentle Hand To Hold (Intrusion Reshape)
21 Intrusion – OceanView
22 DeepChord – Grand Bend (Echospace Restructure)
23 Intrusion – Reflection I
24 cv313 – Space (Live Mix)
25 Sons of The Dragon – The Journey of Qui Niu (Unreleased Live Mix Madrid)
26 DeepChord – Vantage Isle (Echospace Spacial Dub)
27 DeepChord pres. Echospace – Elysian
28 cv313 – Lost Sequence
29 Soultek – Dreaming Under a Starlit Sky
30 STL – In My Dreams (Intrusion Dub)
31 DeepChord pres. Echospace – Spatialdimension (Echospace feat. The Howard Street Rhythm Section)

Stanton Warriors – Stanton Sessions Vol. 1 released for FREE download on Soundcloud

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BIG UP to the Stanton Warriors who have released their LEGENDARY mix, “The Stanton Sessions, Volume One” for FREE download on soundcloud. I have personally bought this album at least two times (burned through one from too many listens and gave the other to a friend who needed to hear it.) It’s one of THOSE albums.. it just rocks the fucking party (or car, ipod, stoop, etc.) This mix dropped in 2001 and put Stanton Warriors on the map in a big way. This mix is a great snapshot of music from 2001.. when breaks and twostep were starting to meld into what would later become dubstep.. but a time when it was all fresh and new and mashed-the-fuck-up. Highlights here include a Busta Rhymes acapella over some Warriors breaks, Bushwacka’s remix of Renegade Soundwave’s “The Phantom” and punchy dubstep sounds from T Power. Grab this mix now!

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