Footwork / Juke: Raz Mesinai Interviews DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, DJ Manny, & J Cush

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Great Blog and Ableton Live tutorial

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I came across a great place for audio tips recently: Oliver Chesler’s Wire to the Ear website. He’s got great insights on all forms of electronic music production and lots of links to browse through. Among these I found an Ableton Live tutorial that taught me a LOT of tricks in one sitting. I watched yesterday and found myself pondering a bunch of new workflow ideas this morning. Check it out here.

Mr. Bill – Tutorial 2 : Making complex drumbeats using arpeggiators from Bill Day on Vimeo.

OM Records launches new electronic hip hop label: CHILD'S PLAY

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Spaced-out bouncy things sit on the horizon at San Francisco-based OM Records. As one of the biggest indie labels in the US, Om has set the pace for many trends and movements in the dance music arena. In step with the times they seem to be following the fusion of hip-hop and techno that is sweeping many scenes from dubstep to M.I.A. to Kid Cudi’s recent collaboration with Kanye West. OM is coming out to the races strong with a lineup of artists that inludes: Amp Live (Zion I), Bassnectar, Greenskeepers/James Curd, Trackademicks (Fools Gold) and Micro Jaxson. They have released the first single, “Gary is a Robot” by Amp Live as of Friday and it seems to be getting great buzz. The track is easy to love with robot themes, cute rhymoes, vocoders, bouncy 120bmpm pace and new-school cosmic style.

[Listen to ‘Gary is a Robot on OM Blog here]
[Buy’Gary is a Robot’ on itunes here.]

Chicago’s James Curd aka Greenskeepers (as a band) seems to have fun things in store for us on Child’s Play as well. He’s always been known to rock a mean bassline and house groove but James Curd seems to be putting even more fun into the mix lately. He’s got a viral video on YouTube that features scenes from Twilight edited to his new track “Vampire Dan” (awesome name.) Check out the video below…

Dubspot NY presents Ableton 8 misuse video + template: Scratching with the Ping-Pong delay

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Wow.. very cool tutorial by DJ Dhifty from Dubspot on Youtube. Well-articulated video on using the ping pong delay as a scratch effect with downloadable template. The trick is essentially changing transitions between delay time changes, creating pitch effects like a turntable. Great video! If you are lucky enough to have Ableton Live 8 you can download the scratch template HERE. Check the cool video below.

Create M.A.N.D.Y./Booka Shade sounds with Ableton Live [tutorial]

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Cool tutorial snatched from Create Digital Music. Learn how to make M.A.N.D.Y. / Booka Shade’s “Body Language” bassline with Ableton Live’s Operator.

Claude Von Stroke talks Reason in video interview

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San Francisco’s Claude Von Stroke sat down with Propellerhead’s in an interview about the company’s Reason software. Fans of “Who’s afraid of Detroit” or his Dirtybird/Mothership projects take note as he reveals some studio secrets..

Minilogue's Animals – The Movie is highly creative, music and visuals drift into Orb-territory on new DVD

March 20, 2009 § 1 Comment


Cocoon darlings Minilogue must have the best jobs ever. They create fantastic soundtracks to life and then create a new visual reality to go with the sounds. This is the direction a lot of modern-art has taken and Minilogue’s Animals – The Movie is a fantastic exploration of a growing new type of entertainment and creation. Released 3.9.2009 in the United States, Animals – The Movie combines psychadelic landscapes and characters with minimal moods and takes creative liberty in being what it is – abstract art. There is no definite narrative and the songs don’t necessicarily transition into one another.. but the DVD works as a mouth-watering example of what you can do with a Mac, some brains and some rhythm. Bravo, Minilogue and also Coccoon for taking chances on art like this!

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